PowerGuard iOS app : Battery saver and Privacy app


The use of smartphones has increased now a days and the main problem these smartphones are facing is regarding privacy, security and battery life. PowerGuard iOS app developed by Reborn Info provides the solution for all these problems. Powerguard is not just the security and privacy tool, but it also acts like a hardware monitor tool. This app lets you see the your phone status like phone storage details, disk space, CPU usuage, battery details at glance. You can also free up some memory on the RAM  by sliding the brush to the left.

Inside the app it is categorized into four main sections : Battery advisor, contacts back up, private album and general tips which helps your iPhone to run with full efficiency. The battery advisory section display the amount of time left in the battery in graphical representation and it will show some tips to conserve the battery.


Battery section also estimates that how much time is left on your battery based on your recent activities on phone. The private album section is secured using dot pattern password which is more secure than 4 digit PIN. No one can access your private album without knowing the gesture password. You can also import videos and photos from other apps to Private album with open/share option.

Contacts backup feature is very simple and excellent as it uses drag and drop interface. Contacts backup let you to back up your phone contacts to Dropbox or iCloud account by just swiping. And a swipe down will replace all the contacts on to your device.

The important thing which makes this app highlight is its interface. You can change the background and customize the app accordingly. This app is smooth and well organized and is the very good app for your phone security and battery saving.

The app is not available for free, you need to pay $0.99 to buy the app. Download Powerguard from Apple’s iTunes store.