Popular chef David Chang launches Maple, a food delivery startup


Food delivery startups seem to be the order of the day. They sound like the next big tech trend. Despite of so many food startup popping up here and there and many fail to catch up the trend, there are few who catch the wave and make a difference. One such startup is Maple launched by a celebrity chef called David Chang.


Launched last week through the backing of Momofuku chef David Chang, the startup has many foodie cred. Maple is not a startup that delivers foods from restaurant, instead its prepares and delivers the food to its customers. Launched in New York, it makes lunches and dinner for $12 and $15 respectively. The company has signed up some of the highly-recognizable chefs like Mark Ladner, Brooks Headley and Dan Kluger. The food created by the company are by these high-caliber chefs but it has to be appreciated that the menu is simple and easy to understand despite of it being created by such high qualified chef.


The revolutionary part of the app is that with the technology available the customer can know when the food is being cooked and how far the delivery boy is from your door step. This is what really sets it apart from other food delivery apps. Another feature that makes Maple stand apart is that, no matter what one orders for lunch it would cost him $12 and for dinner it would cost $15 only. These rates are not rate of the food but also its tax, tip and delivery charges, which makes the rate very reasonable especially for New York.

Co-founders Caleb Merkl and Akshay Navel and their executive chef Soa Davies outlined that the company is working to rethink the delivery experience so that it’s not just an add-on to an already existing business. They added, “At a high level, we’re trying to purpose-build a company that has a singular vision to make delivery exceptional at every touchpoint.” Merkl said, “To do that we really had to own the entire process – everything from sourcing ingredients to last-mile delivery.”

The startup works to achieve their goals with admirable ingredients like a free-range, antibiotic-free chicken, local farm spinach and fresh vegetables. The app opens up the menu with three meals option which also includes veg food, for lunch or dinner. One the choices have been selected, the food would arrive at his/her doorstep in 30 minutes or lesser. The company keeps the food hot and fresh as only the initial steps of the food is done at the central location, rest are carried forward for satellite kitchen throughout the city.

One does not have to regret for the limited options in the menu as the menu is on rotation and can try out new items every time. Since there is not physical restaurant, cost of running it is considerably reduced and the food is made affordable. Currently, Maple will deliver from below Chambers St. in Manhattan. The startup’s founders claim that it requires 10 to 15 kitchens would be needed to cover the borough, which is somewhere around 50,000 meals per day.