Google reduces minimum price of Play Store apps in Asia



No Doubt, Asia is best markets for Android. Most of the mobile devices in Asia run Google’s operating system. But the real problem is that people in this market doesn’t spend money on Google Play Store for buying paid apps and games, whereas its counterpart Apple is earning lots of cash from these markets.

This doesn’t mean that Google is sitting silently, as the company has a solution to this problem. Google has announced that it is going to reduce the minimum price of the paid apps and games in the Google Play Store. This new move doesn’t assure Google that it will get good revenue from Asian market, but it may encourage people to buy some paid apps and games from Play Store.

Google has reduced the minimum price of apps and games in 17 regions over the world, which includes five very important markets in Southeast Asia. The price of these apps has dropped 3 to 4 times of the original one depending upon the market. These five markets in Asia are Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

The drop in the price of apps and games won’t happen automatically, as developers have to drop the price by themselves by logging-in to their developer console. If this price drop helps Google in creating revenues, there is chance that the company will take some hard step towards developer community.