Play Nintendo Games like Mario, Contra and Pokemon on Android

By | July 21, 2014

If you grew up amid the 2000’s, chances are that you had one of Nintendo’s Game Boys. It could have been a basic Game Boy Color or the all the more capable Game Boy Advance. Likewise with all things, the greater part of us either doled the console out or exchanged it in for something more advance.


Games like Mario, Contra and Pokemon are top games that we used to play hours and hours continuously, here again you have a chance to relive your childhood by playing those popular Nintendo games on your Android smartphone bu just following three simple steps. Steps are very easy to follow and you won’t have to refer any link except to download few files right on your device, such as Nintendo Emulator, game file etc.

Play Nintendo Games like Mario, Contra and Pokemon on Android

Step 1: As I told, you first have to get the emulator for your device to be able to get those games. There are several app that works as an emulator, I would suggest you to go for My Boy! Free – GBA Emulator, available at Play Store. This app can handle Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Color titles.


Step 2: Freeroms is a great place to get GBC and GBA ROMS to play on the emulator you have just downloaded on your phone, you have to download them onto your smartphone. (Download only those you want to play)

Make sure you pick only GBA or GBC games and nothing else. There should be a download link on each page, which should give you access to the ROM.

Step 3: Open the emulator on your smartphone. The emulator will allow you to add the game you want to play right away. Browse the game’s ROM. After this, the game will load up and you’ll be good to go. Now start enjoying your golden moments.

Here are few that you have to care about while playing this game: Hold your phone in the same way that you would hold a GBC. This is because the app does offer a HD picture size when the phone is tilted horizontally, also some buttons and controls don’t work in this orientation. So better your stick with vertical orientation for the best experience.

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