Pizza Hut and Visa join hands to test In-Car Ordering service

By | March 4, 2015

There was once a period when Pizza chains battled over crusts, topping and delivery times. At the MWC 2015 at Barcelona this week, Pizza Hut and Dominos demonstrated that today’s challenge is about making digital ordering quick, informative, intuitive and accurate.

Pizza hut and visa

Pizza Hut and Visa, both giants in their respective industries are experimenting with tech consultant Accenture to design a concept car that would allow in-car online purchases. Named Visa Checkout, a device in the dashboard that would allow users to audibly order items such as Pizza.

Pizza Hut provides the customer with in-car access to pick-up, delivery and menu options. Then the ‘beacon technology’ uses Bluetooth to inform Pizza Hut Workers when your vehicle is at the restaurant, according to The Washington Post.  The car then transforms into a payment card, zipping the user details to Pizza Hut’s sale system. After the completion of the transaction, an employee delivers the pizza to your vehicle.

“By 2020 it is estimated that more than 250 million vehicles worldwide will include some form of embedded connectivity. As the number of connected cars on the road increases, so does our ability to bring secure online commerce to consumers everywhere,” said Bill Gajda, senior vice president of Innovation and Strategic Partnerships at Visa.

Visa hopes that the technology could be expanded to other types of purchases too. For instance, one could shop while in-car, or pay for fuel or parking while on the road. The companies stated they have joined hands to develop a proof-of-concept connected car to test mobile and online purchases on the go. They expect to start testing the system in Northern California this spring over a period of three months.

Meanwhile, Domino’s already allow its customers order from their Android Wear and Pebble smart watches. The users have to download the Domino’s order app to their smartwatch. After placing the order through their smartwatch, the user can also trace the progress of the order using the Dominos Tracker.