Ping Pong Masters : Table Tennis Game For Windows Phone


The Ping Pong Master is a new Table Tennis game which available in the Windows Phone. The game is only 11 MB in size and available free in the Microsoft App Store. The  Ping Pong Masters is a table tennis game for our Windows Phones which offers two gaming modes, over thirty ping pong masters to face and over forty ping pong paddles to collect. The game is also available for the low memory devices. This Windows game has a nice graphics, speedy game play and while the disembodied paddles is a little creepy looking.


You will find in the main menu of the Ping Pong Masters is a little on the busy side with access to the game settings and your player stats running across the top of the screen with a various links to the game’s social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ running across the bottom of the screen. You  can also have access to the two gaming modes. In this there is two gaming modes such as career and quick play mode. The quick play mode is a single match where you can choose among the 30 plus opponents from one of the 6 locations (basement, stadium, bar, etc.)


In the game play you will find that a the top of the screen you will find the same player stats and controls which appear on the game’s main menu. And at Down the left side of the screen, there are three control buttons which activate power-ups and that include adding power to your paddle, slowing time and super sizing your paddle. Player scores are displayed on the upper sides of the screen.

Ping Pong Masters is one of those games that are easy to play but challenging to master. The graphics and animations are well done. If you want to download the game,in your Windows Smartphone then you can click here!