Philips announces a wireless dimmer controller at $39.95

By | August 25, 2015


Today Philips has announced some new products in its Hue line of LED bulbs which is wireless dimming kit. Sometimes dim light feels good and pleasing to eyes, but setting the light to dim is a tedious task. So Philips has come up with a solid and easy way for dimming the light. This Philips Hue Wireless Dimming Kit will turn your White Hue bulb into a dim light and this can be used to change the brightness of up to 10 white Hue LED bulbs.

Each dimming kit comes with one white Hue bulb along with a dimming switch, which is portable and battery operated. You can buy some more bulbs by spending extra bucks. It is also not a very tough task to use Philips new dimming controller, only tough task you’ll face is fixing the battery powered dimming controller switch to the wall. But once you fix the remote switch, you can adjust the brightness of up to 10 bulbs by just pressing buttons.

Philips also said that the user won’t face any flickering and buzzing by using this dimmer kit. According to Philips, its new Wireless dimming kit can also be used to connect with currently available Philips Hue compatible product through Philips Hue Bridge.

Philips Hue Dimming Kit will cost $39.95 and will be available in North America from September.