How to Personalize the Google Chromecast


The search engine giant Google Chromecast has finally supports the custom wallpaper, after a long requesting of the users. You can only change the wallpaper of your Chromcast with the help of  the Chromcast helper application. And I can guide you step by step in this article which are given, you can easily customize your Google Chromecast.


Steps to Personalize the Google Chromecast

1. Update Your Chromecast App

First of all you have to the latest version of the Chromecast app, if in the case the app is outdated, then please updated other wise it will not able to support. The iOS user can simply check or update the most current version of the Chromecast app.

On the other side the Android Smartphones, user has to regularly check the app update, because the  Google has launched updates of the app in every two week. And if you want to download the latest apk for this Chromecast app, then you can click here!

2. Create a Wallpaper Album

You can customize the new Chromecast app features such as  weather and news without a Google+ account, if you want the best feature in the new update. At present only source of  the wallpaper images accessible to the Chromecast is Google+ albums. And for this you have to do-

  • Visit and sign into your Google account
  • Navigate to your photos via the “home” button drop down menu located in the upper left corner
  • After that you have to click on the  “add photos” in the navigation bar and then drag and drop the photos
  • Now you have to Add to album” drop down menu
  • After that you have to create a new album like as “Chromecast Wallpaper” for your wallpaper image.

3. Configure the Display via the Chromecast App

  • Now you have start the latest updated Chromecast App and start supplying our Chromecast with personalized wallpaper.
    configure tv via chromecast
  • Now you have Select the Chromecasts or you can customize via the Backdrop. (TV would be On and the Chromecast should be Online)
  • Now you have to hit  the “Use Selected” option then you  will be given a prompt to allow Chromecast to use your location data and your personal Google account.
  • Now Click on “Allow“.
  • Now you have to  on the “Your Photos”  option.
  • And then Select the albums and return back to the previous, when you completed

4. Other Option for Personalization

  • News and Lifestyle category –  You will get latest news  ticker tape at the bottom of the screen and also get some nice images  of any photojournalism.
    Getting weather update of the current city on your TV screen on your Personal wallpaper.