More people die due to Selfie than shark attacks

By | September 24, 2015


Selfie is one of the most famous things in the world. People take Selfie everywhere and they even find exotic and extreme location for Selfie. But the most intersecting fact is more people die while taking Selfie than Shark Attacks. Mashable has compiled a report that suggests that 12 people have died taking extreme Selfie this year, while only 8 people have died due to shark attacks.

Recently a tourist visiting Taj Mahal dies while taking Selfie. He fell down a set of staircase at Royal Gate of Taj Mahal, when he was taking Selfie. Some other Selfie related death includes: death of a man, who died while taking Selfie at bull running festival in Spain. A teenager shot himself in head, when he was snapping a Selfie by posing with a loaded gun.

According to a report published back in July, it was reported than up to 10 people have died and more than 100 have injured while capturing Selfie.

Due to this Russian Government has launched a campaign named “Safe Selfie”. The main reason behind this campaign is to encourage people to stop taking Selfie at some dangerous locations like near wild animals, in front of Trains and some other places that are dangerous. This campaign says that “Even a million likes” on social media platform is not worth your life.

So finally I would also like to say that next time whenever you are taking Selfie be careful and watch out your surroundings.