Peeling Garlic will not be cumbersome

By | April 6, 2015
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Peeling Garlic will not be cumbersome anymore for a homemaker or a chef in a big restaurant. Thanks to Cookup, a new startup in food industry concentrates only on processed vegetables. Cookup brand owned by Edanta Foods.

Cookup is revolutionising the food industry that are dominated by industry majors such Godrej and Safal. The company aims to change the highly unorganised cut and peel industry in India through innovation and professionalism. Cookup produces peeled garlic, onions and grated coconut and supplies them through its brand Cookup.

They supply to most well known supermarkets such as More Megastore, Taj Group, Adyar Ananda Bhavan, Sodexho, Naamdhari’s, Star Bazaar, Food World, BigBasket, Reliance Fresh and Nilgiri’s. The company caters in major cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Cochin and Coimbatore. Edanta started from 10 outlets and has increased its presence to 170 outlets and at the same time increase in sales touched 7 times since January 2014.


Cookup products are (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) FSSAI approved.  The company got the knowhow by (Central Food Technological Research Institute) CFTRI, Mysore which is leading institution on food technology. Cookup’s peeled garlic is helpful for homemakers or hotel industry where peeling is cumbersome and consumes lot of time.

The company was Vinayak Nanjundappa and Prajwal Koteshwar. The idea started when Vinayak saw huge stock of freshly cut vegetables was available to consumers; however automating was laborious step in the cooking. For US return Vinayak, it triggered an idea of startup, when he thought of increasing efficiency in automating.

Especially in urban centers both husband and wife work in office and preparing food for any homemaker is daunting task. With very less time for preparation of food for the family, the company faced a challenge where the cut vegetables that last for seven days could not last for that much time, thanks to the poor infrastructure such cold chain and chillers in the market.


Another factor was sourcing of peeled garlic through contractors who hired labour to manually peel garlic. However due to quality and reliability of the product and also increase dependability on labour will affect the production too. The duos decide to import the machinery from abroad and customise the machines which peel and sort the vegetables. They also focused on products such as garlic and ginger which are essential for Indian cooking and have better shelf life.

Cookup facilities have been certified by FSSAI and technology by CFTRI. They have expanded their product range to grated coconut, sweet corn and vegetables. The products of Cookup is priced a premium due to high quality, safety and fresh products for consumers.

Edanta plans to expand to cities like New Delhi, Gurgaon and Pune. A bigger facility is under constructions that consist 6,000 sq.ft is coming up in Tumkur where they can produce eight tonnes of the product each day. With better packaging and technology they are planning to revolutionise the food industry.

Author: Venu V

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