Pebble watch vs Asus Zen Watch : Comparison

By | September 12, 2014

Pebble is a Smart Watch developed by the pebble Technology Corporation Which was released in 2013 later after some enhancements they released pebble Steel in January 2014. On the other hand Asus Zen Watch here begins the competition and below is the detailed comparison of both the smartwatches and let us see which wins the race.

Pebble watch vs Asus Zen Watch

Pebble_smart watch

Design and quality

Both the devices has different style and look, Pebble Smart watch comes with high-end construction and stainless steel chassis frame along with Gorilla Glass screen. The Stainless steel band adds more classic look and sophisticated feel to the watch. It comes in either in stainless steel band or black leather band or both. With its simplicity and great looks, it looks great on formal wear.

Design of Asus Zen Watch is very decent and cool, with a classical appearance. It can be used as the best alternative to the traditional watches. This is not the case with Gear S, as it comes with 2-inch display and you feel it bulky on your hands and it is something put you away from the crowd. Let us see the Specifications.



Pebble comes with 1.25 inch LCD display 144 x 168 pixel resolution where as Asus Zen Watch has 1.63 inch display AMOLED corning Gorilla Glass 3 screen with 320 x 320 screen resolution. Pebble smart watch runs on proprietaty Operating system, This Asus Zen watch is powered by 1.2 GHz Snap dragon processor which is more powerful than pebble processor. This device also comes with 4GB internal memory.

Both the devices has 512 MB as RAM and also Bluetooth as connectivity. Ambient light and Gyroscope are the sensors seen in Pebble watch and this devices comes with 140 mAh battery as per user reports this device has long battery back up. Accelerometer, Gyro and compass are the sensors in Zen watch. This Asus Zen watch costs around $ 260 where as Pebble Watch comes with price tag on 145 Euros.