Pebble Time available on Best Buy Stores from Today



Pebble Time is a good smart watch, which will be available on Best Buy from today, as it can only be purchased through Pebble official website until now. This Pebble Time comes with three different colors: red, black and white. You can buy the Pebble Time smart watch from online or in-store in all the three colors. Best Buy has offered pre-order of this product for past one month.

This new Pebble Time smart watch is good upgrade to the older Pebble smart watch with a new and solid design, color, interface and display. The Time watch will also be available to Target online or in-store from 17th August. Currently Pebble Time is available only in US. This Pebble Time smart watch costs $199.

This pebble Time is the first color display smart watch of this company, but this watch still doesn’t support touch features. There is still no news that from when Pebble Time Steel will be available in the retail for the public. This Pebble watch works on Android as well as iOS platform and by using it you can see the phone notifications and can also control music. This new Pebble Time is much better than Pebble previous product, but still it is way behind if we compare with Apple watch and some other leading smart watch.