Pebble Steel vs LG G watch R : comparison


Pebble is a Smart Watch developed by the pebble Technology Corporation Which was released in 2013 later after some enhancements they released pebble Steel in January 2014. On the other hand LG G watch R, this watch is the improved version of LG G Watch and launched recently in IFA 2014. Here in this article we are comparing Pebble Steel and LG G watch R.

Pebble Steel vs LG G watch R

Pebble_smart watch

Design and Display

Both the devices has unique style of design, Pebble Smartwatch comes with high-end construction with the stainless steel chassis frame along with Gorilla Glass screen. The size of the Pebble Steel looks similar to Moto 360 and have masculine designs that emulate Analog watches. LG G watch R comes with a round dial with a standard Strap of 22 mm. By seeing the design we can say this is the best watch created yet.


Pebble display is very low transflective LCD, the pebble use of e-ink is actually a myth there is some power drain when you turned on. The visibility of this device is superb in out doors. In fact it is brighter it is, better visibility and contrast get. Where G watch R comes with analog type of dial and very simple and decent. Even in the outdoors too you the screen will visible. Let us see the full specifications


Pebble comes with 1.25 inch LCD display 144 x 168 pixel resolution and G watch R feature with 1.3 inch display of 320 x 320 pixel resolution. Pebble watch runs on Proprietary Operating System where as G watch R runs on Android OS with a RAM of 512 MB. Bluetooth is the connectivity for both devices. Ambient light and Gyroscope are the Senors included in this watch.

G watch is powered by 1.2 GHz quad comm snapdragon 400 processor with 4 GB internal memory and 512 MB RAM, the senors included in this smart watch are 9 axis ( Gyro, accelerometer, Compass), PPG with a battery back up of 410 mAh. Pebble watch has 140 mAh battery where as the battery back up of Pebble watch is good as per users they are getting around a week of use per charge. Pebble watch comes with a price tag of 145 Euros and this G watch R costs around $230.