Pebble releases new limited edition smartwatches

By | August 6, 2014


Today Pebble has released some funky new limited edition smartwatches, available in many new Fresh colors like Fly Blue, Green, Hot Pink. They are much the same as the Pebble you know and love, just much bolder and cooler. The new colors touch at the top of the first Cherry Red, Arctic White, Jet Black, Gray and Orange — now offering you you a lot of choices to discover simply the right Pebble. You can snatch all of them at this moment from for $150.

In addition to the new color variants, Pebble is shipping some new watch-faces to match each new watch. A new application from The Weather Channel is also has been added to the Pebble app store. Both of these are available now to all Pebble users.

I hope you enjoy the latest releases to the Pebble family. Be sure to check them out and let us know: are you Fresh, Hot, or Fly?

Source: Pebble Blog