Pebble adds Voice Dictation to its apps

By | October 16, 2015


Pebble is adding voice recognition software to its smartwatch. Now if you own a Pebble smartwatch, you can reply to your text and email through voice. The smartwatch maker is allowing third party developers to add voice dictation features to its Time, Time Round and Time Steel smartwatches.

This new voice recognition tech is going to be added to Pebble watch via new developer tools. This tool will allow developers to add voice dictation into their apps. Pebble Time and Time Steel will get this voice support today, while this Pebble Time Round will get this support from November 8th.

Pebble has partnered with Nuance for developing this voice dictation tools and the company in association with Nuance is launching the Dictation API, which will allow third party developers to make apps for iOS and Android platform. Currently, this support only works for texts and emails, but we may see voice supports for some other features I near future.

Pebble’s this new voice support will make its Time Series smartwatch more useful. This is something, which Pebble owner would be happy about, as they don’t have to pull their smartphones every time they want to answer texts and emails. This is a good feature and we can hope that it comes with more apps support in near future.