How to partition drive before installing Windows 10

By | October 15, 2014

Microsoft recently released a Technical preview of upcoming Windows 10 Operating system which is free for any one to download and install. There are few different options for getting Windows 10 on your Computer. Simply you can install it on your secondary PC over your existing windows Operating system you can use virtual PC emulator to test it out or you can partition your hard drive and install it on your primary personal computer. Here this article gives you the clear information about how to partition the drive of your PC before installing Windows 10.


Its better to use virtual PC to install Windows 10 which will be easier and performance may be lack because we are splitting the memory into two operating systems. Creating Hard drive partition is diving the storage into group volumes. If not we will get experience in Windows 10. The best part in this partition is when you are done you can simply delete the partition and return to your PC normal.

  • Open the control panel and tap on the System and security and select administration Tools.
  • Double click on the computer management and under the storage submenu click disk management.
  • Now right click the primary drive and select the shrink volume option from the list.
  • If you are installing 32 bit of Windows 10 you need minimum 16 GB while 64 bit version require minimum of 20 GB of free space.
  • I have 700 GB hard disk in that I have assign 100 GB of space to Windows 10 which gives more than enough space to play with the Operating system.

Now you have to see the un-allocated of space appear next to the C volume,Right-click it, select New Simple Volume from the list and click on the Next button. You can assign the drive any letter you please,I simply selected D. After clicking Next a third time, you will come to the Format Partition section. Make sure NTFS is selected for the file system and choose a name for the partition. I went with the name Windows 10. Click Next one last time and then on Finished. You should now have a blank drive to install Windows 10 on.


Now if you want the things to get back as normal, right click the partition and select the delete volume then right click the C drive and select extend volume. That’s it Just be sure while installing the preview on newly partition drive here I have mentioned the D drive. You don’t want to install on primary C drive.

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