Parrot Pot, a smart flowerpot for plant lovers – CES 2015

By | January 8, 2015
Parrot Pot

Lot of us who love plants end up killing it by failing to water it regularly. The drone and gadget maker Parrot has come to wash away our worries with the launch of Parrot Pot – a WI-FI enabled smart flowerpot which automatically waters the plant when needed.

Parrot Pot

The one-foot tall Pot introduced at CES 2015 comes with a 2 liter water reservoir along side, sensors, Bluetooth radio and water pump and can be connected to any of our smart device. The details of the plant is selected through the accompanying app which has personalized watering information of the plants.

The in-built sensor watches the soil moisture, fertilizer level, temperature and sunlight. The Pot sprays water over theĀ  when the plant get thirsty. It is said the Pot can provide automatic irrigation up to 3 weeks and can intimate us regarding the fertilizer too.


parrot pot

Parrot has also announced another product Parrot H2O which is a sensor that could be put inside the existing pot. Our own bottles could be attached to water the plants. Parrot has still not mentioned about its launch date or its price. Hoping it would not cost the earth.

While the idea of a smart flower pot might have seemed trivial, the ability to keep plants alive with minimal work and updates about their health is, judging from the crowds around the Pot, tech most people can use.