Paralyzed people to communicate through eye tracking system

By | August 10, 2015


Researchers at University of California, San Diego are developing a system, which will help disable people. Currently the researchers are developing the system for the people, who are suffering from locked-in syndrome. The people suffering from locked-in syndrome are aware of things, but can’t move or communicate due to paralysis. So researchers are developing a technology, which will be used in communication for the locked-in syndrome affected people by using eye tracking. They have developed a prototype named EyeHome, which will allow user to navigate a phone like interface by gazing at different parts of the screens. One can dictate the message by looking one way, or by looking another way he can catch up on social networks. The researcher’s team is trying to create a system which will translate the eye movement into different functionalities.

Still the project is in early stage, but there is a one prototype, which have been tested by the scientist with a person suffering from locked-in syndrome. University of California, San Diego researchers got $300,000 gift from Moxie Foundation. The fund gifted by the Moxie Foundation will be used to develop some new system to help the disable people. This will certainly give some independence to the locked-in syndrome affected people.

Source of the article is UC San Diego.