Paper Plane! : Addictive game for Windows Phone, iOS and Android


The Paper Plane is one the latest addictive game for the Smartphone users. The Paper Plane! remind us  Flappy Bird. The ‘Paper Plane!’ is a difficult game with the simple goal of avoiding incoming platforms as your plane flies downwards into the unknown. The game is available in all the major Platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms.

During the game play you will find that the Paper plane is automatically flying downwards.  You have to tap and hold the right side of the screen to glide right or tap and hold the left side to glide left. It means the controls of the game is easy. The game  ends  when if you crash. In the game you will also find the simple click of a button brings you back to the beginning, which make this game more addictive in between the Smartphone user.


During the game you can also earn coins after passing through barriers, that will be one of the new feature for this kind of game.  The coins you earn every time you play build up and that coins you can use them to buy new planes. The paper plane which costs the least is only 200 coins, so you will be able to update quickly. The game is light in weight and also supports 512 MB of RAM devices. If you want to download the game in your Smartphones then links are available at below according to your Smartphone Operating system.