Pandora Google Glass app allow to stream music to the eyewear


Google recently has added the support for the Pandora internet radio service to the Google Glass and enabling the current owners to access the streaming music and listen to it from anywhere and offers the ability to listen to it on their eyewear using the newly released My Glass app.

A post on the Google Glass Google+ account stated that

[quote]Jump to  one of your favorite music channels or even you can start a new one. Pandora Google Glass app is bringing your favorite music to Glass. Just name the favorite song, artist or the composer and get the party started.[/quote]


Pandora has the more comprehensive look at the app on their blog, stating that it started as the fun project at the company and the outcome was good enough to show it to Google as they were very impressed with it and it became an official app for Google glass. It has also added that

[quote]Built by Pandora, our Glassware lets you to access your personalized radio stations from wherever you are, interacting with the service through the voice command or using the touchpad. Supporting voice commands includes selecting an existing station and creating the new one. For more advanced experience, you can use touchpad which provides the ability to like and unlike the tracks as well as the standard controls like pause, stop and skip. [/quote]

Ian Geller, Business development head of Pandora said that,

[quote]We are living in the world where the people will have the closer connection to the music because they were wearing it somewhere on their bodies. It is less than about us than about making the bets on winners. We are trying to figure out the ultimate use.[/quote]