How to pair smartwatch to more devices on Android Wear platform

By | September 3, 2014


The great thing about recently launched standalone Android Wear operating system for smart-watch is that it works well out of the box, letting you work with notifications and manage your phone with voice commands after a breezy setup process.

But thing is not much smoothly when you want to pair more than one device to use the smartwatch, such as a phone and a tablet, or your personal and office devices. Switching to that second device basically requires a factory reset on the watch—otherwise there’s no other option to make the watch to connect to another one via Bluetooth.

And then comes, a new app called Android Wear BeeLink to fix this issue by making your watch visible to other Bluetooth devices even if you are connected to one.

Some of the features of the app:

  • The application also shows the Wear BT device name and its MAC address
  • Once devices are found, pair/unpair the Wear with other devices with a simple click
  • Search near-by Bluetooth devices

How to pair smartwatch to more devices on Android Wear platform

  1. First of all install the “Google Android Wear” app on Nexus 5 and Nexus 7.
  2. Let’s suppose – the smart-watch running Android wear is connected to Nexus 5 initially.)
  3. Use BeeLink(Download Link) on Wear to pair with Nexus 7 and basically disconnect with Nexus 5. Google Android Wear app on Nexus 5 may send further pairing requests. Ignore them.
  4. Step 2 should lead to disconnected status notification from Android Wear app on Nexus 5. Keep an eye on notification bar during the process.
  5. Nexus 7 should then automatically connect to Wear via Google Android Wear application. Give it a few seconds. if not, connect with Wear from Android Wear application on Nexus 7 or reboot the device.

That’s All Folks, try doing the same with your device, do comment if you want any kind of help from my side.