Oyster eBook service to shut down, Google hires its staff

By | September 23, 2015


Oyster, a Netflix like subscription based service for ebooks is shutting sown. The news for the closing of Oyster was announced by its CEO and founder in a blog post. They have not given the reason for shutting down this service. The company has said that it is going to shut down its ebooks services over the next several months. Startup has not given any specific reason behind closing this service, but they said in the blog, “we feel this is best seized by taking on new opportunities to fully realize our vision for ebooks.”

According to a report of Recode, Google has hired a “portion” of staffs of Oyster including its CEO and founders. Google is not acquiring Oyster completely instead it looks like the search giant is acquiring the Oyster partially by getting core of the company without even buying all of its assets. These Oyster employees will join the Google’s Play Books teams, Google has not issued any official comment on this, but it looks like company is heading to ay subscription based ebook service.

Oyster is a startup launched in 2013, which offers unlimited access to 100,000 ebooks for a monthly fee. Since the launch of this service, now Oyster has more than 1 million ebooks. It is sad the company is shutting down, which means that reader is going to lose one alternate subscription service for the books.