Ourbit wins Digital Media Mandate for Microsoft Ventures India


Ourbit, the digital division of Ideosphere Group has bagged the digital media mandate for Microsoft Ventures India. According to the mandate, Ourbit will work to make the mentorship programmes of Microsoft Ventures more available and accessible to a wider range of audience by preparing and fine-tuning Microsoft Ventures’ online dialogue with the startup-community.


In India, Microsoft Ventures offers startups access to key influencers and the various know-how gimmicks that will help them develop and grow in the market. Enrolling in the program give the startups the advantages and access to tools, resources, knowledge and expertise they need to become successful. The corporate venture department of Microsoft targets to pass on the information and make it known to many startups who are in need of through the digital marketing.

A spokesperson who will represent Microsoft Ventures across all the social media platforms will be created to attain the objective and make Microsof Ventures the preferred junction for news, information and engagement landing-place for startup mentoring. Mayur Milan, Head Contributor of Outbit commented on it saying, “What makes this assignment so exciting is the fact that we would be working with a very dynamic community of tech start-ups who will be shaping the future of Internet and Technology. As we will be the facilitators of information and insights to them, it makes us an integral part of their evolution. In essence, we will not be working with just Microsoft Ventures, but a group of technology brands.”