Organising closet and everyday styling get virtual with ClosetSpace app!



Amidst the ocean of apps from finances to fitness, here pops a fashion-friendly app called ClosetSpace. ClosetSpace is a handy and virtual personal stylist in your pocket.

ClosetSpace, declutters and organises your closet with the power of technology and smartphone. Using the app, from the house of Stylitics, (a fashion analytics company) leverages big amount of data to help you dress better and help retailers know your likes /dislike. Not only this, it also help you to browse through a range of fashion blogs and other ClosetSpace users.

The app lets you know your closet better with the option of adding pictures of your shirts to shoes and even accessories in your profile. The brand, size, color, date purchased, price, store bought and even patterns can be added along. It acts as a centralized hub for your clothes and helps you in choosing what to wear depending on the occasion. You can unleash your creativity to personalize your profile. Get daily weather updates, ideas from other users and lot more through the app.


Some might feel why to turn to app to decide what to wear, but Rohan Deuskar, COE  and co-founder of the company, claims its aims at higher goals and bigger picture. The women-focused app offers several other features like weather-based outfit suggestion, most-worn/least-worn items, adding items from retailer catalogue, offers and deals and offers from retailers, laundry delivery and even beauty services lime GlamSquad, Covet Fashion. The app also syncs with Google Calendar and recommends what could be worn for the day/occasion.


It is for anyone who wants to dress better, be organized and do more with the clothes they already have. Deuskar stresses on the fact it is not meant for high-fashion customer but for everyone to style their everyday dressing.

The app allows the same options for men as for women but the focus and the range is more for women. It is quite obvious that it is women-centric. It even makes me wonder why men would even want such an app (!)

You may feel the retail options are limited but that is not the case. When looked deeper, its understood the app allows the users to add lotta unlisted stores and also new brands.


ClosetSpace app is now available for Android and iOS users and is rated high among  fashion-oriented smartphone service. Apart from the features mentioned above, the app allows on-demand pro-stylist app for a monthly rental of $25 which can be discontinued when not need.

In near future, we could expect the company to list secondhand market places and items at the click of a button.

ClosetSpace serves the business customers a real-time window into changing fashion trends, allowing them to see through the anonymized, aggregated data, when trends are fading away or new ones appear, among other things.

In short, if you are fashion-freak, this could be the secret weapon you have been looking for.