How to open multiple Gmail accounts simultaneously


Many of us will be maintaining multiple email accounts one for the professional work, one for to keep in touch with the social networking sites and another for some other work. But till the recent times keeping open those accounts at the same time in the single browser is not possible.If you want to access the both then accounts at a single time you need to open two different accounts in two different browsers. But now finally Google has provided an option to open up to 10 Gmail accounts at a time. Nowhere let us see how to open multiple Gmail accounts simultaneously.


How to open multiple Gmail accounts simultaneously

    1. First log in to your Google account using any of the service like Gmail, Google Docs or Google+.
    2. After logging in go to the Google accounts multiple sessions page and tick on the boxes which are next to the info statement that follow it.
    3. If you like to just clicking and moving on then you need to read these and they provide good information. Click on the save and you are good to go.
    4. now sign out of any accounts you are currently logged-in.
    5. Now log in to the any of the account you would like and at the top right you will be able to see your account name as usual. Now click on it and select on “Switch account”.

If you are doing it for the first time then you need to add it and sign it as usual and afterwards it would show up in a list where you can pick up for the quick changes. This how you can access multiple Gmail accounts at a time and the number of accounts is limited to 10.