How to open links on webpage without mouse click


You don’t like browsing the internet using the mouse and you want to browse using the keyboard then should try Dead mouse. Dead mouse is an Google Chrome extension which helps you to open links on webpage without mouse click and take off your hands off the keyboard. This extension allows you to click and open the link on a web page by just typing the few characters in the anchor text of the link.

Install the Dead mouse extension on your Google Chrome browser from here. After installing the extension from the Chrome web store type a few characters of the links in the page and the first matching link in the page will begin to wiggle. Now hit the Enter button to follow that respective link or you can also press Shift+Enter to open the targeted web page in the new tab.


If multiple hyper links on a webpage match the text you have typed then you can cycle through the links that are matched by pressing the tab key or can also press the Shift+tab to cycle in the revers direction. You can also cancel the search mode by pressing the escape button on your keyboard.

No settings are required to configure the extension, but this extension may not work nicely with some particular websites like Twitter, Gmail etc., because they have their own keyboard shortcuts.

For Firefox

The above mentioned method is for Google Chrome. Like Firefox for Google chrome no additional extension is required. You just need to press the ‘/’ key and then type the link text and now the first matched link will be highlighted and you can hit the Enter key to follow that link.