Ooloo Android and iOS human search assistance app, better than Google Now and Siri

By | August 5, 2014
Ooloo Android Search

Ooloo Android Search
Ooloo Android and iOS human search assistance app

Google, Apple and Microsoft are working on voice assistance for a long time to offer reliable search result with voice assistance, but except Google Now or Siri, here is one such human-powered search alternative, but it was not made by Google or Apple. The guys working at iDrive, who make exceptionally affordable cloud solutions for Android and iOS devices, have a totally different aim called Ooloo that is outlined as Apple’s Siri but with real people. It’s better to say, it is like Amazon’s Mayday service, but for everything you might want to explore out from a search service.

Instead of having a virtual aide assisting all sorts of inquiries and not getting the exact result all the time, Ooloo depends on great old people to actually understand what the user needs to figure out. The user basically need to get a smartphone and record any queries he or she may have, and the Ooloo group will be prepared to answer them accordingly. At the point when the response is prepared, a notice will pop on the user’s handset.

Ooloo — human search assistance app is available for both Android and iOS and lets users quickly record queries with a single tap before sending them to the Ooloo development team. It might take the help of the user’s location that will be used to provide more relevant and quick answers, and users will be able to offer feedback to make it more precise on the received answers.

The Ooloo service, and apps, are available free of cost for the time being, as the team behind it is focusing on growing it and the user base.

At beginning there will be around 50 people responding to queries around the clock, with a response time estimated to down between a few seconds for basic questions or up to a few minutes for quite complex questions. The firm will still use web search results to come up with those complex ones to serve the precise answer, only it will expectedly do it better than Google Now, Cortana or Siri.

As you get to know that Ooloo will store user data but it assure that the questions and answers that stores for only 24 hours. iDrive claims, the data collected won’t be used in any way by the firm or shared with any third parties.

Here are the download links for both Android and iOS users

Play Store Link – Download Ooloo

Apple iTunes Store link – Download Ooloo