OnlineTyari raises $750,000 to launch its service in more languages


OnlineTyari, an online test preparation platform, has announced it raising $750,000 from angel and VC investors including 500 startups, Mohandas Pai, Tandem Capital, Vikram Chachra of Eight Capital and Aloke Bajpai, co-founder and CEO of Ixigo. OnlineTyari Founded in 2014, OnlineTyari is an online multilingual content aggregator app and website that lets people prepare for job-oriented tests including – civil services, banking services, UPSC and GATE. Till date, it has more than 20 lakhs downloads and everyday active user base of over 2 lakhs people in India. Co-founder Vipin Agarwal says, “OnlineTyari aims to contribute towards bringing literacy and livelihood to everyone. They are not even proper bookstores in the market we function.” Mohandas Pai, Chairman of Manipal Global Education said, “Online education is helping students and young professionals participate and excel in the knowledge-driven economy. A vital component of this wave of access to information is to ensure that our languages are respected and catered to with considered attention.” Apart from offering its own content the platform combines content from partnered test preparation providers like Arihant, Fortune Career, Drishti, MockBank, U Can, Jagran Josh and others. With the proceedings of the funding round, OnlineTyari intends to invest on the expansion of its technology team by 80-100 individuals increasing the team size to 150-200. The company claims that the team expansion would strengthen the company’s spread across 10 major languages in the next year and customize the product. Also, it plans to spend on online marketing and campaigning. The company surprises that it has grown only with word-of-mouth publicity, which is definitely impressive for a year old startup. Vipin added, “There was a huge latent market lying in front of us. We understood the psyche of our target audience well since we come from small towns ourselves. Today, people want to study in cohort to learn faster and word of mouth works wonders there. People ask each other the book or test paper they should use for reference. This is where gamification or rewarding individuals to get their friends to sign-in worked for the platform.” Vikram Chachra, co-founder and managing partner of Eight Capital said, “The next 350 million users on the Internet would want to browse the web in their vernacular language. Thus, vernacular will be a major driver of growth moving forward. I feel that OnlineTyari has the potential to make it big in the segment of government examination which doesn’t seem to have an entity to defragment the market.”