OneDrive 4.1 update released for Windows Phone


Microsoft has recently released the Windows Phone 8.1 preview version for developers for free. Those who are no using the Windows Phone 8.1 are going to receive the latest OneDrive 4.1 update. Windows Phone 8.1 forums have been flooded with complaints on OneDrive about “Cannot save to OneDrive” bug. So OneDrive 4.1 might be the big deal for the Windows Phone 8.1.

While OneDrive is itself looks great, there are other reasons to love the OneDrive app. You can share your single or multi media files to OneDrive from your phone gallery and select the destination where you want to save the files on OneDrive and then click on Upload button.


Whats NewOneDrive-update

  • New version looks very good on large screen phones.
  • New mesmeric view for managing and viewing your photos.
  • Go the ability to upload multiple videos, photos and files at one time.
  • Access the files form your OneDrive form other apps.
  • Upload files to OneDrive from other apps.
  • Sort option is added and you can sort your files and folders.
  • Bug fixes, performance improvements and UI tweaks.

You can resize your photos after uploading in to your OneDrive. If you don’t want to resize your photos uploaded then make sure that you have uploaded the option to “original”.

The latest has go the new feature that let us to upload the couple of PDF files from the Pocket Explorer. Pocket Explorer is the new File explorer on Windows 8.1. You can also upload your favorite ringtones also. Only few tweaks and performance improvements were added but still the core functionality of OneDrive remains same.

Onedrive is available for free to download. Click here to download OneDrive.