Official FIFA World Cup theme leaked for Xperia smartphones [Download apk]

By | May 12, 2014

The upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup, Sony is an official sponsor and for that it prepared its very own theme for its Xperia smartphone users in time for the begin of the tournament. However the theme has not been released successfully yet, somehow it has managed to leaked out on internet, it is available for download for all Xperia series smartphones running Android version 4.3 or above, even it will work on rooted Xperia devices as well.

As we have seen that in every special occasion Sony used to release special theme for their smartphone users. Some week ago Sony even launched The Amazing Spider Man theme for their users which was influenced by the sci-fi genre movie from Marvel.

Unlike all Sony devices themes, the FIFA World Cup theme┬ácovered every aspects of the handset’s software, featuring its own key. Just about every icon,┬ácolor and background has been changed with a soccer (or football, if you insist) themes additions. Still there is about a month t begin the soccer battle, but if you just can’t wait for that, go for the download link mentioned below. It won’t take much time to hit Play Store to list this theme for your device or may it will be list closer to the beginning of the tournament.

Download FIFA 2014 Theme for Xperia

Look at the leaked images of the theme especial designed for upcoming FIFA World Cup 2014.