Official Charging dock from Apple may be coming

By | November 18, 2015


Some leak images gave us the glimpse of charging dock for your Apple Watch. This means that if you were waiting for the official charging dock for your Apple wearable, you need to prepare for welcoming the official dock from Apple.

Some leak images show that the Cupertino based company is ready to introduce its charging dock for Apple’s wearable device. As of now, you wanted to have a charging dock for Apple Watch, you have to depend upon some third party developer, but now the official dock is coming, so be prepared folks.


The German blog has shown the official image of Apple made charging dock for its wearable device. This means that we may soon see the official introduction of this highly anticipated product from Apple.

The leaked images show a round CD shaped dock, which comes with a middle part that can flip up allowing you to put your Apple Watch against the dock. Apple watch can sit on the dock horizontally around the middle disk. One lighting cable is attached to the side of the charging dock.

According to the reports of 9to5Mac, the official charging dock for Apple Watch will come with a pretty pricey price tag of 89 euros, which is equal to $95 approx. There has not been any official announcement from Apple, so we can’t tell any confirm news, but if we believe in the leaked images, new official charging dock from Apple may be coming.