Office Warrior : Office Entertainment Game For Android Users


The Office Warrior is the latest Office Entertainment game available in the Google Play Store for the Android Store. It is a fast paced 3D action game where you need to swipe incoming folders to their respective color in order to complete each level and climb your way to the top.  In this game you can also able to unlock and use power moves to help you accomplish your goal and become the ultimate office warrior.


The Office Warrior game has  two gaming modes – first one is an Arcade mode in this mode- you are in a basement office and climb up the corporate ladder unlocking power moves that will help you succeed. And the second mode is – Quick Game mode-And this mode, you can customize your game settings which suit to your own skills. The game is only 20 MB in size and support Android 3.0 and higher variant of the Android OS. The game is available free in the Google Play Store if you want to download, then you can click here!

Features of the Office Warrior :

  • Nice 3D effects during the game play
  • Power moves can also be purchased
  • Great time waster
  • Keep track of your position and high score with the Leaderboard
  • Easy to play
  • Extremely hard to master