Office Lens update can now save photos as PowerPoint or Word files


Office Lens is the app which can trim, enhance and makes the pictures of whiteboards and docs readable and saves them to the OneNote. Today Microsoft has released an update for Office Lens which added the new features that made creating the notes from the photos even easier. Using Office Lens you can save the photos of Whiteboards and docs to OneNote, but the latest Office Lens update allows you to create PowerPoint and Word files from those photos as well.


Here is the detailed changelog of the latest version of Office Lens


  • Your photos can be converted into Word or PowerPoint files and can be saved to OneDrive.
  • For Word files, the document layout is preserved and the text in the picture is converted into the editable text.
  • For PowerPoint files, handwritten strokes are transformed into drawing objects that can be recolored and edited. You can also able to remove the background of the drawings.
  • Some bug fixes and performance improvements, now Office Lens is more stable.

Here are some scenarios where Office Lens are useful

  • Make digital copies of the printed documents, posters or business cards and trim them precisely.
  • Capture and crop the picture of the blackboard or whiteboard and share your notes with colleagues.
  • Skip the photo copier and take the pictures of shopping lists, menus or children’s sketches so that you never have to worry about forgetting or misplacing them.
  • Printed text will be recognized automatically so that you can search for words in the images and copy and edit them.

If you have not got the update, you can download it from the below link.

Download Office Lens for Windows Phone