Oculus unveils new Samsung Gear VR headset at $99

By | September 26, 2015


Oculus has announced some good and interesting products at Oculus Connect 2 Conference on Thursday. The latest Samsung Gear VR headset that is made by Oculus was unveiled; this headset comes at a very reasonable price of $99. This Gear VR headset is compatible with all 2015 editions of Samsung smartphones like Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and S6 Edge+.

This new Gear VR headset will be available in November at the time of Black Friday. This new virtual reality headset is very good and also works with more phones than the previous version of Gear VR. The price of this Gear Headset is half of its predecessor.

The new Gear VR headset is very comfortable while wearing, as it is 22 percent lighter than its predecessor. Its trackpad on the temple of the headset comes with tactile directional pad that guide your fingers in four directions and also let you know where you are touching.

This is a very good news for the people who were thinking of buying the headset, but couldn’t buy due to the price or the supported smartphone problems. It looks like Samsung is planning to make VR headset available for everyone. Currently this is one of the best and cheapest VR headsets available in the market. People can also watch the Netflix shows on the VR headset.