Oculus Buys Nimble and 13th Lab

By | December 15, 2014

Virtual Reality headset maker Oculus has acquired Nimble and 13th Lab in a bid to make its  virtual world more responsive and three dimensional. The acquisitions have come hot on the heels of the virtual reality sector heating up because of major acquisitions.


Facebook owned Oculus did not reveal the financial details of the acquisitions.

Nimble VR, formerly known as 3Gear Systems is a San Francisco based company. They create skeletal hand tracking machines with 3D cameras which can be mounted on to of the the Oculus Rift. 13th Lab is a Swedish start up that uses cameras to make 3D recreations of various physical environments so that they can be recreated in virtual reality.

Apart from that, Oculus has also managed to get reputed special effects genius Chris Bregler on board as their full time project manager. Bregler has worked on superhit Hollywood movies and was teaching computer science at New York University.

Author: Saugaat

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