NVIDIA reveals the first 64-bit processor for Android

By | August 12, 2014


NVIDIA reveals the first 64-bit processor for Android, “DenverTegra K1, designed specially for coming Android devices. The new chip, a relative to the current 32-bit Tegra K1, was designed for the highest single-core throughput probable, in a dual core ARMv8 kit. Most surprising to Android lovers, is the indication that NVIDIA is already at work developing Android L on the new hardware.

This new version of Tegra K1 couples our 192-core Kepler architecture-based graphics unit with our own manually-designed, 64-bit, dual-core “Project Denver” processor, which is fully ARMv8 architecture supportable. Further, Denver is fully pin compatible with the 32-bit Tegra K1 for faster time and ease of implementation to market.

Denver’s exceptional design offers outstanding performance for both single- and multi-threaded apps, as well as multitasking environments. The dual-core CPUs can reach significantly higher performance than available 4-8 code mobile processors on most mobile usage.

Denver also offers new low latency power-state transitions, additionally to broad power-gating, dynamic voltage and clock scaling based on usage. Combining Dynamic Code Optimization, efficient power usage and 7-way superscalar design, Denver’s performance will compete some mainstream PC-class CPUs at somewhat low power consumption.

A rumor has also revealed that NVIDIA-powered 8-inch Nexus tablet is coming, there is a good chance we just got a look at it’s processor.

Here is the source link you can walk over to get more details about the NVIDIA first 64-bit processor for Android:

Source: NVIDIA

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