NuMi by Nutrisystem available for Android with FitBit integration


NuMi is the diet management app from Nutrisystem which caters itself to the human’s lifestyle in order to loose them weight and keep them fit. NuMi site maintains the logs of the person’s meal, water consumption, daily activities and some other trackable things in his daily life. It is very intelligent diet app and it make use of your daily food habits and exercise activities and make the meal recommendations and provides the thousands of recipes to the user.


NuMi mobile app is able to guide the users in the direction of more than 300 restaurant chains according to which diet suits them better and make use of the GPS to find out the restaurants. UI of the app looks attractive and surprisingly well done. Another cool feature of this app is it integrates with Jawbone or FitBit bracelets.

NuMi like other fitness apps will charge fee to completely access its features. If you want its services on monthly basis you need to pay $19.99 per month. If you want to save money then you can subscribe to 3 month plan charges $47.98 or annual plan which charges $139.93. Before subscribing to this plans you can go for 7 day free trial. If you subscribe to the membership you will get a personalized weight loss program which calculates your daily calorie needs and recommend the meal and activity recommendations.

This app also has some extra options which helps you to follow you diet. It also features the bar code scanner to scan the nutritional information directly into the program for thousands of packed foods. You can even create the shopping list, email it or just carry in your phone.

Check 7 day free trial of NuMi from here