Now, get to know stuck-up-in-traffic time with Waze!

By | April 3, 2015

Now getting to know how long you would be stuck in the traffic has got simpler with the latest iOS version of the Waze navigation app. The app which collects traffic information from its users to provide a layer of data showing things like construction slowdowns, police sightings and nearby gas station to other users, will now show traffic wait time too.


Launched on Wedesday, Waze version 3.9.4 for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users now displays a new traffic bar. The bar is developed to track your progress as you slowly move along the road, it can give you the time it would take to escape the traffic.

Waze traffic bar

Waze, which was acquired by Google in 2013, is fantastic free navigation app and has a loyal fan base for its crowd sourced traffic directions. The app is packed with a broad range of nitty-witty features into a playful interface and also consists of a social element that cannot match with any other navigation app. That feature makes the app more capable and effective than the standard navigation app or basic GPS. Even Google Maps picks some features from Waze to improve its navigation system.

The newer version also offers the user a confirmation when one sends an ETA on how long before reaching the destination. Also, this version let voice commands to know which route Waze takes.

Google Maps is the most popular and well-known app anyone uses when one searches for the address or find the way from one place to another. But with this recent update in Waze, it would be of much surprise if it changes. Google may only indicate that there is traffic in that area, but when Waze can show more like the time one may be stuck in it, it’s definitely more useful and influential.

The iOS version of Waze is now in par with the Android version, which updated the traffic bar and other features last month. The update has also made the app faster by 85% and fixed the existing bugs.