Now, Android users gets a music editing apps StageLight



Currently, we cannot see many music editing apps on Android device. The main reason behind the unavailability of music editing apps from Android platform is latency of this operating system. But this scenario is going to change, as Open Labs is launching a new audio editing app named StageLight.

So, now if you want to learn to compose music on your phones, you can download this new StageLight app for Android device. This audio editing app is an alternate option of GarageBand apps. This app can be used by everyone from learners to music professionals.

This audio editing app from Open Labs is free and comes with lessons for composing your first track. So you can download this app on your Android devices including phone and tablets and learn to compose music in easiest and fun way.

This app also comes with an in-app store that has some samples and some extra features. This app is designed in such a way that beginner can also use the app to create music by expanding their thoughts. It will also offer lessons about the basics of songs. This is a very good and simple music making apps that lets you create your track in fun way.