Nokia Unveils DT-903 ‘smart’ wireless charging plate with NFC and Bluetooth

By | September 4, 2014
Nokia Wireless-Charger

The Microsoft owned Nokia has launched DT-903 ‘smart’ wireless charging plate in the event of IFA Berlin Germany. It is a new accessory for the Nokia Lumia series devices. The Microsoft and Nokia have said that the DT-903 is the ‘next generation’ of wireless charging plates which offered the feature Bluetooth 4.0 connected technologies and a glowing LED notification light for an enhanced user experience.

The Nokia DT-093 Smart wireless charging device is connected to Lumia devices through nearby Bluetooth, but your Lumia Windows Phone will update with  Windows Phone 8.1.1 (Update 1), then it will support otherwise not. Whenever the user is nearby and its Lumia Smartphone has less than 30 % charge, then the DT-903 ‘smart’ wireless charging plate will breathe (slow pulse) which means they indicate the users, to charge its Lumia’s. The LED light of the device is emites light from the bottom of the plate  and creating a glow around the base.

Nokia Wireless-Charger

And Once the device is placed on this  Nokia Smart Wireless charger, then a constant glow enabled, Like if some missed call or text then the plate will blinks twice, and informing the Lumia user’s you are missed some event.

Users can control the settings of the DT-903 device with a new ‘accessory apps‘ in  the Windows Phone 8.1.1. For easier pairing, the DT-903 also features NFC. And it will available in three colors such as White, Orange, Green with corresponding lights. This Lumia accessories will available in the market at a price tag of  $59/Euro  59 and it will globally from next month of October.