Nokia Reported to Return into Smartphone Business

By | April 20, 2015

Nokia is reportedly planning to make a comeback to the smartphone market in 2016, after one year of closing the deal to sells its handset business to Microsoft.


Nokia Technologies, the largest of the firm’s subsidiaries to remain following Microsoft’s purchase of Nokia’s devices business and the unit accountable for the company’s 10,000-strong patent portfolio is heard plotting to make a return to the smartphone market next year. Though, no official or further details about the plan has been revealed, it’s expected the company may look to challenge the likes of Samsung and HTC in the Android Market.

The news comes after a year of selling the phone business to Microsoft for $7 billion. Nokia building its line of Lumia smartphones with Microsoft’s Windows phone mobile platform. According to the terms of the deal, Nokia cannot sell phones until after this year. So any new Nokia phone has to wait until third quarter of 2016 to hit the market.

The report says the phone are likely to have the same strategy as used with the N1. The company is said to be exploring other projects too that includes virtual reality. The VR industry has seen a sudden resurgence in the past two years, with headsets released or in development by companies like HTC, Samsung, Sony and Oculus VR. Unlike the first VR wave in 1990s, the current ones are trying to make it more practical with technology and sensor. Technology may be the smallest division in the company but it critically controls more than 10,000 patents.

Nokia was one the leader and pioneer in the global cellphone market but had been quite slow in adapting to the new updates of the iPhone and Android which made its share of market fall quickly. It is still vague what platform a new Nokia phone would use, but given the N1, Android seem likely. LAst year during the Microsoft acquisition, Nokia was reliant on Windows phone, due to a previous deal forged in 2011.