Nokia announced a Virtual Reality Camera Ozo

By | July 29, 2015


Today at an event in Los Angeles, Nokia is announcing Ozo. The Ozo will capture virtual reality video and this will capture audio and video in 360 degrees. This device is in pre-production phase right now and by this device Nokia is planning to make a grand entry in shooting virtual videos and eyeing on entertainment industry, advertising media and Hollywood. The launch and the price details can be known this fall. This device will certainly be costly and is for filmmakers.

For filmmakers, this camera has lots to offer, as it can capture virtual reality video in real time. This device has some very good features such as, the live monitoring and rapid playback. The filmmakers can watch the video over a headphone by live monitoring feature, when it is shot. Previously, VR videos can be viewed after a long process of editing. According to Nokia, Ozo can render lower resolution video for playback in a few minutes. This Ozo is different from the other devices from GoPro and Samsung, which has been unveiled in last few months.


Nokia says that Ozo is most advanced Virtual Reality Filmmaking platform. This device comes in a spherical shape and has eight optical image sensors and its weight will be around six pounds. The 360 degree audio is captured by using eight microphones, which are implanted in the camera. The audio of this VR video captured by Ozo gives real time feeling to the fullest. Suppose, you hear s sound of man speaking behind you, then just look back and you will be able to see the man.

This Ozo device can be fixed at a standard tripod and produces video in a standard format, which can be watched on a headset such as Oculus or you can watch it as a 3D video on YouTube.

Nokia says

“OZO captures stereoscopic 3D video through eight synchronized global shutter sensors and spatial audio through eight integrated microphones. Software built for OZO enables real-time 3D viewing, with an innovative playback solution that removes the need to pre-assemble a panoramic image ­- a time-consuming process with solutions currently in the marketplace.”

“OZO’s filmed content can be published for commercially available VR viewing hardware such as head mounted displays (HMDs), with immersive, full 360-degree imaging and spatially accurate original sound. OZO also integrates into existing professional workflows and works with third-party tools, dramatically simplifying content production at all stages.”