Nokia and NTT Docomo pairs up to research on 5G technology


Nokia and Japan head quartered telecom giant Docomo paired with an aim to research on 5G technology and officially announced an collaboration.

The network division of Nokia, NSN, has officially announced that, “Nokia and NTT Docomo have agreed to pair up for the research and standardization of the 5G technologies and both the companies are to work jointly on the 5GĀ proof of conceptĀ system. The company also said that this move is the result of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by both the companies in January 2014. The aim of this MoU is to research on future radio access experimental systems.

Hossein Moin, the President and Chief Technology Officer of Networks, Nokia in a company statement said that,

“Wireless networks in future not only interconnect humans but also objects and machines, creating a vibrant overlay of physical and virtual worlds with a huge variety of huge causes. Together with the industry, we need to make that 5G technologies offers the right tenets to serve the uses of the consumers with flexibility and profitability”.


To meet the future demand for extreme performance and capacity, the 5G technology need to overcome the challenges that would become relevant to telecom operators, such as the guaranteeing cell edge rates in excess of 100Mbps and reducing the latency factor by 10.

The official statement by Nokia reveals that the two companies continue to cooperate the research on future radio access systems. Its initial focus is on exploring the potential of the millimeter wave technology at the 70 GHz spectrum band.

Seizo Onoe, the Chief Technology Officer of NTT Docomo, said “We choose Nokia as our partner for the research on 5G technologies based on Nokia’s clear vision and its vast mobile broadband experience and technology leadership”.