Nissan starts testing its autonomous car on the Highways in Japan

By | November 2, 2015


Nissan has started testing its autonomous prototype car, which is based on company’s popular Leaf series. Currently most of the tech companies and automaker are working on autonomous driving technology. Nissan has announced that it is testing its Leaf based autonomous car on the highways and streets in Japan.

These Leaf based autonomous car from Nissan is powered by company’s Piloted Drive mode, which is a part of its Intelligent Driving System. This mode has capacity of taking over the car in some specific situations. The first version of this model car can drive the vehicle autonomously in heavy traffics on highways. The Japanese company hopes to put this model car in production by the end of 2016.

To make sure about the safety of its autonomous cars while driving in heavy traffics on the road, the automaker has developed a high spec laser scanner that depends on the 3D measurements to get the distance of the car from other nearby objects. This scanner gets help from the eight-way camera with 360 degree view. All these technologies helps car to navigate through any intersection.

Nissan will keep improving this system through the years and the company also hope to add ability to change lanes to this system by 2018. The Japanese company hopes that by 2020, Nissan autonomous car will be able to navigate through intersections and inner roads in the city without any help from its human driver. First prototype autonomous car from Nissan comes with Wave radar, computer chips, special human-machine interface, laser scanners and cameras.