NFL gets approval of FAA to use drones for filming



Federal Aviation Administration has given permission to use drones for filming to the National Football League. This means that NFL becomes first sports league, where drones can be used to capture some unique angles. Drones can be used to capture the aerial image of the sports.

According to a report of Bloomberg, FAA has approved the request of drone use for capturing aerial image in a letter dated September 17th. Now Drones can be used for filming aerial images, television spots and documentaries. But there is a catch, as NFL can’t use drones for filming actual games and the unmanned aircraft can fly only in empty stadiums.

FAA has granted the permission to US sports league via a letter dated September 17th, but the Aviation Administration has put several conditions. According to the letter, NFL should use drones weighing less than 55 pounds and the maximum flying speed should not cross 100 miles per hour. Drones should also not fly above 400 feet from the ground.

The permission for using drones in NFL sports even comes with limitations, but it still shows that the league has achieved lots in this short span. The sports league can’t use drones in full stadium, but this will surely help them in enhancing fan experience of football.

Brain McCarthy, NFL spokesperson said to Bloomberg, “FL Films has a long history of embracing and employing the latest technology to tell its inimitable stories. NFL Films will use the unique visual images captured by drones to enhance their filmmaking and story-telling, they will be used when there are no people present for scenic shots for productions such as NFL Films Presents and Together We Make Football pieces on the Today Show.”

This is a good news for NFL sports event, which can now use drones to capture aerial shots and enhance the fan’s football experience.