Next Generation iPad Air will comes with RAM 2GB

By | August 21, 2014

As per reports from Asian Tech News mentioned the information about next generation iPad Air doubling up on RAM from 1 GB to 2 GB. The additional memory would benefit system performance, especially during multitasking, when more memory-intensive tasks like browsing multiple websites in Safari and using other apps requires more RAM to function smoothly. While most of the parts and components leaks out of the supply chain have focused around the most awaiting next generation iPhone which is expected to debut next month.

The new report about the next generation iPad Air will double its memory follows Bloomberg report earlier this month that new iPad with an anti reflective Coating Over the display have entered Production. But as per reports out of Taiwan that iPad mini with Retina display will not receive the memory increase like its larger counterpart, the current generation iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display have same internal specifications aside from the display size difference including 1 GB of RAM each.

we can encourage this 1 GB of extra RAM for the next generation tablet iPad Air 2, It would be a welcomed addition that could make the tablet powerful enough to take advantage of the split-screen multitasking feature Apple cut out of iOS 8.

In the report the mentioned Details of the i Watch, which claims Apple’s smart watch will have 512 MB of RAM as well as 8 GB of internal storage, which can be able to operate independently. Apple has not announced an iPad event yet this year, but its expect this for next year.


Author: Micheal Edward Tansey

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