New York to get first sunlit underground park

By | July 9, 2015


New York has fair number of famous parks, but they don’t have some spectacular landscape as some other big cities. The Lowline, a non-profit group may have solution to this lack of greenery problem. This is just a crowd-funded initial opening of an underground Manhattan park, which uses solar technology to fill an abandoned trolley station with natural plant supporting light.

The main feature of this is a collector, which will concentrate light above the sidewalk and funnels it through an irrigation structure tubes and then distribute it through the domes. If the test run by Lowline lab works, then New Yorkers will get one acre safe greenery park separated from urban chaos, just underneath the Lower East Side. If everything works out well, then this park will stay green through whole year.

Still no specific date for the opening of this park is announced. Fate of this park will be decided after the test run of Lowline Lab trail, which will run from September 2015 to February 2016. But you won’t have to wait to open a full working park to experience this, as Lowline are planning to open the lab for public use on the weekends and this will free of costs, so don’t worry folks. This underground park and the test lab will not be as grand as central park, but it will be good to visit once.