New version of Razer’s VR headset open to Pre-order from next month



Razer announced that a new version of its Open Source Virtual Reality headset is soon to hit the market. The company is soon to take pre-order for new version 1.3 of OSVR headset from Razer starting October 1st.

Razer said that the development of its OSVR dev kit version 1.3 is already in the progress and is much improved from its previous model. This new headset is to come with a new optics module, which would offer sharper and better image quality for each eye. This means that user wearing this OSVR headset do not have to adjust the lenses for better viewing experiences.

According to the company, the display inside the new version of OSVR headset has also been upgraded to a 5.5 inch full HD display, which would show very clear and bright videos or games running at 60fps.

This OSVR headset version 1.3 is mainly made for developers, but anyone can buy the product and the price of this VR headset is to be $299.99. You can pre-order this device on October 1st if you are interested and the company will start shipping it later this year.

The company also announced that its OSVR content discovery platform is available for any interested people. This platform holds a well organized list of VR contents, which includes 360 degree videos and games. You can watch these contents on OSVR along with some VR stores with content supported by OSVR Headset.