New and updated iOS apps


Generally day to day new applications are releasing in the Mac app store, at least daily dozens of applications and games will get update. It’s really a tough good to pick the best application from the istore. This article is providing new applications as well as games and also the updated applications, Games which are released recently. Let us look in to the Few new apps and Games which are mentioned below

New iOS Apps 

Apache Attack : This is an action games which includes blast away waves of chopper, trucks, jets and tanks before facing the bosses. Simply I can this is the game to blow the enemies in the sky as well as on land. You need to upgrade to get the fire boosters. Click Here to Download this Game

Sturgis : This is the application which gives you information about Sturgis Rally, including the most complete and latest Schedule of Events, help for finding lodging, and organized rides and local regional information. Quickly browse photos or find out what bands are playing while on the go.Download this free application by Clicking Here

Kairobotica : This is a payable Game app which costs around $5. The game is all about the commands corps of space faring robots to patrol planets and vanquish bad guys. Upgrade your mobile colony, exhibit exotic alien animals and more. Download Here

Real Racing 3 : The gorgeous free-to-play racing game has added a bunch of classic Ferrari supercars. Free, IAP  which is designed for both iPhone and iPad. You can by clicking here Download Here.

Updated iOS applications 

Instagram 6.0.5 :  As every one aware of this game, This is a photo sharing app which can be integrated to Social Networking website. Now this got updated with bugs as well as performance improvement. Download Here 

Linked in : This is a professional social network, redesigned for iPhone and iPad as well. Click Here to download this updated version.

Spotify Music 1.0.5 : This is the best application to listen music in Phone and tablet, This application got updated which includes Streaming music service. Adds equalizer, redesigned Artist page for iPad and more. Download.