Google Chrome’s new update consumes less battery power

By | September 4, 2015


Google Chrome is one of the most loved browsers right now and the main reason of it is its super-fast speed. This browser is way faster than its competitor, but it also comes with a price, as it reduces the battery life of a laptop, specially when you are working on dozens tabs. Understanding this, the company has launched a new version of Google Chrome with lots of improvements.

The new update improves the performance of the browser and according to Google it is sure to consume less battery even if you are working on Chrome with dozens opened tabs. Chrome has been known to restoring tabs after you relaunch it; this updated chrome restores most frequently used tabs, when computer is running low on the resources.

Google tells in a blog post, “Chrome can now detect when a webpage isn’t busy with some other task, and use the free time to aggressively clean up old, unused memory. In practice we found that this reduced website memory usage by 10% on average, but the effect is even more dramatic on complex web apps. With Gmail, for example, we can free up nearly a quarter of the memory used by the tab.”

Google has another feature that stops the flash content that is not central to the website. According to the company, it improves the battery life of the laptop and the battery lasts 15 percent more.